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Monthly Board in stall with run-out paddock and up to 4 flakes a day is $350.


Monthly Board in the pastures with run-in shelter and up to 4 flakes a day is $250.


Marie-Laure keeps a constant eye out for any changes in demeanor and keeps you informed.


Rain sheets and blanketing will keep your horse dry and warm in the winter months.

An all-inclusive package price can be built depending on the individual needs of your horse. If you would like your horse to receive supplements or medication, please provide details at the time of your enquiry. A deposit is required at the time you sign your boarding contract to cover expenses for Farrier services or the scheduled Vet visits, which will be passed on at cost. Chiropractor and Massage services can also easily be arranged should your horse need special treatment. Please note, groundwork or other forms of training are not provided at Mont Cheval.

Options you may want to consider, priced upon request, include:

Dedicated, individual pastures
Supervised turnout
Icing and wrapping
Leg Wrapping
Full Clipping

References are available on request.